Awards Show Calendar

Here is where you will find events, award show nomination start dates and deadlines, award show dates, and other pertinent information and dates.

Streamy Awards – Youtube & Online Creators December 13, 2019

Xbiz Awards Show January 16, 2020 Los Angeles, CA

GFY Awards January 2020 Las Vegas, NV

AVN Awards Voting ends Noon January 25, 2020

AVN Awards Show January 25, 2020 Las Vegas, NV

MV Awards Voting January 8-19, 2020

MV Awards Announced February 9, 2020

TEA Trans Awards Show March 15, 2020 Hollywood, CA

Live Cam Awards March 1, 2020 Europe

AW Awards June 2020 Europe

XRCO Awards June 2020 Hollywood, CA

The ED’s at Exxpo August 16-19, 2020 Planet Hollywood-Las Vegas, NV

Ynot Cam Awards August 2020 Hollywood, CA

Urban X Awards August 2020 Los Angeles, CA

YNot Awards September 2020 Prague

Nightmoves Awards October 2020 Tampa, FL

Inked Awards October 2020 Edison, NJ

AIA American Influencer Awards November 2020 Hollywood, CA