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American Influencer Awards 2019 winners

Find out who won the 2019 AIA Awards

2019 Creative Hair Colorist of the Year @guy_tang

2019 Hair Stylist of the Year@riawna

2019 Hair Influencer of the Year@chrisappleton1

2019 Hair Colorist of the Year@alfredo_lewis

2019 Professional Educator of the Year@larisadoll

2019 International Hair Influencer of the Year@natalieannehair

2019 Celebrity Hair Stylist of the Year@tokyostylez

2019 Barber of the Year@robtheoriginal

2019 Hair Extensions Influencer of the Year@hairby_chrissy

2019 Emerging Hair Stylist of the

2019 Textured Hair Stylist of the Year@iamalonzoarnold

2019 Emerging Hair Colorist of the Year@sydneyannlopezhair

2019 Hair Cutter of the Year@anthonycuts

2019 Celebrity Makeup Artist of the Year@lipsticknick

2019 Creative Makeup Artist of the Year@giuliannaa

2019 Makeup Tutorialist of the Year@jaclynhill

2019 Brand Collaboration of the Year@ann_ette69

2019 Makeup Influencer of the Year@jen_ny69

2019 Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year@cohlsworld

2019 Emerging Creative Makeup Artist of the Year@maryandpalettes

2019 International Makeup Influencer of the Year@nikkietutorials

2019 Emerging Makeup Tutorialist of the Year@makeupbyjesi

2019 Product Review Influencer of the Year@nymatang

2019 Trendsetter of the Year@daisymarquez_

2019 Skincare Influencer of the Year@marchbeautyword

2019 Lifestyle Influencer of the Year@winnieharlow

2019 Teen Beauty Influencer of the Year@maddieziegler

2019 Beauty Influencer Brand of the Year@jeffreestar

2019 Nail Artist of the Year@nailson7th

2019 Artist Achievement Award@makeupbymario

2019 Modelland Smize Award@nikitadragun

2019 Pink Carpet Fashionista@meganpormer


Veronica Vaughn

Profile for AVN award nominated Veronica Vaughn

Veronica Vaugh AVN Hottest MILF

Hottest MiLF

It’s no surprise Veronica Vaughn is nominated for hottest MiLF! She’s been in the business a long time and surely deserves recognition for being the sexy blonde bombshell that she is!

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Stormy Daniels announced as Host 2020 Xbiz Awards Show

Original Article:

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the inimitable Stormy Daniels will return to host the 2020 XBIZ Awards, presented by MyFreeCams.

The performer, director, bestselling author, activist and icon will lend her singular glamour, irrepressible charm and sharp wit to adult’s biggest night when she takes the stage of the JW Marriott L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles on January 16.

Daniels’ sly banter and dazzling charisma during her debut as host of the last XBIZ Awards was the talk of the industry. Her entrance was befitting a star of her stature: to the cheers of the crowd, and resplendent in a royal blue gown, Daniels was carried into the awards ballroom atop a glittering palanquin like Cleopatra herself, borne aloft by a sextet of strapping gay porn studs and attended by a retinue of drag queen nuns, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

That night, as Daniels inaugurated a new class of XBIZ Awards honorees, she also received a laurel of her own: she took home the trophy as Crossover Star of the Year.

“I am so excited to return to host the XBIZ Awards!” Daniels exclaimed. “It is a genuine pleasure and an honor to join in celebrating the accomplishments of my friends and colleagues in adult. XBIZ is all about community and lifting each other up. At the start of a new decade, we need that kind of supportive spirit more than ever. I absolutely cannot wait to strut across the XBIZ Awards stage and turn a well-deserved spotlight on the talent that powers this wonderful industry.”

The XBIZ Awards, the most comprehensive showcase of outstanding achievements within the adult industry, this year spans 162 market segments and 1,520 nominees.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stormy Daniels back to the stage,” said XBIZ Publisher Alec Helmy. “At the start of the 2020s, during a time of rapid change, there is no one better suited than Stormy to bring the industry together and usher in a new decade of success.”

The red-carpet extravaganza is the capstone of the annual XBIZ Show, which unites all segments of adult for boundless opportunities.

Stay tuned to for upcoming event announcements.

Alphonso Layz

Profile for AVN award nominated Alphonso Layz



Alphonso Layz been working as a male Talent since 2003 and really loves it. He loves traveling and meeting interesting people. What sets him aside from other talent is that he truly enjoys this profession; it’s like no other.
Alphonso offers a service that is exclusive and discreet.

As talent, he is very selective regarding the type of clientele with which he deals. He caters to extraordinary women, knows how to treat a lady and make her feel good. His goal is to always fulfill the desires of women and to listen to their needs, be their friend and make them feel good

AVN has noticed him for his talents, and thus nominated him for FAVORITE CAM GUY! Vote for him too!

MV Awards return for 5th annual awards 2020

Manyvids just announced their 2020 awards are coming and they want YOUR content nominated!

You can win a $500 cash prize among other trinkets and trophies to show off your win! Winners also receive an official jeweled MV Crown, an official badge on your MV Profiles, MV Gear, and more!

This year, they unveiled 2 new categories to increase your chances of winning! There are now 35 total categories total.

How do the MV Awards work?  

  • There are 35 categories in total, all listed below.   
  • MV Stars can enter any of the applicable categories they wish to be part of.   
  • Once you enter, you must Re-tweet the MV Awards Tweet to qualify. 
  • Voting will open January 8th at 11:00 am EST and will end January 19th, 2020, at 10:00 pm EST.  
  • Once the voting window closes, the top 5 nominees with the most votes in each category will move on to the final round!  
  • The MV Team will then vote in-house to select the final winners. The results will be announced on MV Live with a special vid ceremony on Sunday, February 9th.
  • Some categories are restricted for specific types of MV Stars (for instance an MV Girl cannot enter MV Gay King of the Year, etc.)
  • The first category you participate in will be the one linked to the “Vote for Me” button on both your profile and your camroom. 

Promotion is the key to WINNING!  << This comes STRAIGHT from Manyvids!

Here are the 35 MV Awards categories for 2020:

  1. MV Star of the Year
  2. MV Queen of the Year
  3. MV King of the Year
  4. MV Gay King of the Year
  5. MV Trans Queen of the Year
  6. MV Trans King of the Year
  7. MV Producer of the Year
  8. MV Profile of the Year
  9. MV Crush Club of the Year
  10. MV Store of the Year
  11. MV Innovator of the Year
  12. MV Booty of the Year
  13. MV Boobs of the Year
  14. MV BBW of the Year
  15. MV Bush of the Year
  16. MV Fetish Star of the Year
  17. MV Domme of the Year
  18. MV Submissive of the Year
  19. MV Alt-Star of the Year
  20. MV Anal Star of the Year
  21. MV Rising Star of the Year
  22. MV New Cummer of the Year
  23. MV Social Media Influencer of the Year
  24. MV Miss Congeniality of the Year
  25. MV MILF of the Year
  26. MV Duo of the Year
  27. MV Squirt Star of the Year
  28. MV Trendsetter of the Year
  29. MV Cosplayer of the Year
  30. MV Gamer of the Year
  31. MV Girl Vid of the Year
  32. MV Boy Vid of the Year
  33. MV Trans Vid of the Year
  34. MV Producer Vid of the Year
  35. Bonus category: MV Team Choice Award

Hit social media and use your amazing promo skills OR hire CGM to help you get more votes! Show everyone why YOU deserve to win!

Here are the category breakdowns and descriptions:

1. MV Star of the Year – The most prestigious award of all granted to the #1 MV Star who rocked ManyVids all year long and deserves recognition for it! 

2. MV Queen of the Year – An honor bestowed upon the MV Girl who reigns supreme over the MV Kingdom and is crowned MV Queen of the Year. All hail the queen!  

3. MV King of the Year – An honor bestowed upon the MV Boy who reigns supreme over the MV Kingdom and is crowned MV King of the Year. All hail the king!  

4. MV Gay King of the Year – Honors the MV Boy from the Gay community whose content literally rules! All hail the king! 

5. MV Trans Queen of the Year – Awarded to the MV Trans Star who embraces themselves with pride and lets nothing stand in the way of happiness!  

6. MV Trans King of the Year – Honors the MV Trans FTM Star who RULES with confidence and raw sexuality.   

7. MV Producer of the Year – Aaaaaaannnnd…ACTION! Shining a spotlight on the MV Producer that makes the final cut!  

8. MV Profile of the Year – Given to the MV Star whose pretty and polished profile outshines them all!  

9. MV Crush Club of the Year – This award goes to the Star who’s used the MV Crush Club subscription service to create the best fanclub on the entire internet.  

10. MV Store of the Year – Awarded to the master of merchandise, the retail rockstar whose MV Store steals the show!  

11. MV Innovator of the Year – Awarded to the MV Star whose creative content and stellar quality stand out among the rest!  

12. MV Booty of the Year – Honoring the MV Star who won everyone’s heart with a flawless ass that absolutely deserves to be kissed!  

13. MV Boobs of the Year – Hand-picked as the MV Star with the best, juiciest boobs in the entire MV Universe. Everyone wants them but only one girl has ‘em!  

14. MV BBW of the Year – In recognition of a voluptuous beauty whose curves command her fans!  

15. MV Bush of the Year – Awarded to the star with the greatest pubes in the biz…bush is back! 

16. MV Fetish Star of the Year – Granted to the most open-minded MV Star who explores your deepest, darkest fantasies with you!  

17. MV Domme of the Year – Presented to the iron-fisted Domme with the most devoted worshippers. They’re guaranteed to make their fans beg for more.  

18. MV Submissive of the Year – Awarded to the most loyal and obedient submissive who leaves you satisfied and wanting to dominate again and again.  

19. MV Alt-Star of the Year – Bestowed upon the alternative star who brings their unique & tattooed look, edgy style, and perspective, to their content. 

20. MV Anal Star of the Year – Awarded to the MV Star who puts their heart, soul, and all holes into their content to take anal to a whole new level.  

21. MV Rising Star of the Year – Given to the MV Star who has been on MV for over 6 months and has bloomed the most and will continue to thrive! The one to watch!  

22. MV New Cummer of the Year – Fresh on MV! Someone who has been an MV Star for less than 6 months, but their success is skyrocketing! (The 6-month period will be calculated as of the launch date of your first vid).  

23. MV Social Media Influencer of the Year – Granted to the MV Star who shamelessly promotes their MV Profile all over the internet and kills it with their social media. 

24. MV Miss Congeniality of the Year – Presented to the friendliest face in the MV Community. Someone who is warm, welcoming and supportive of other MV Stars!  

25. MV MILF of the Year – The name says it all! Granted to the most irresistible MILF on MV who works hard and plays even harder!  

26. MV Duo of the Year – Awarded to the duo that makes incredible couple’s content together.  

27. MV Squirt Star of the Year – A wet & wild award presented to the juiciest, ripest peach around who likes getting messy!  

28. MV Trendsetter of the Year – Conferred upon the creative trailblazer whose originality inspires the entire MV Community to reach new heights.   

29. MV Cosplayer of the Year – Honors the MV Star who loves to dress up and applies both passion and creativity to every detail of their roleplay costumes.  

30. MV Gamer of the Year – It’s a hobby with hotties and this award recognizes the MV Gamer who combines passion, sex appeal, and mad skills.   

31. MV Girl Vid of the Year – Hit the replay button! An award honoring the MV Star who had all eyes on their one-of-a-kind vid! (Nominated Vids are pre-selected based on the most popular vids that have been uploaded in 2019).  

32. MV Boy Vid of the Year – Hit the replay button! An award honoring the MV Boy who had all eyes on his one-of-a-kind vid! (Nominated Vids are pre-selected based on the most popular vids that have been uploaded in 2019).  

33. MV Trans Vid of the Year – Hit the replay button! An award honoring the MV Trans Star with all eyes on their one-of-a-kind vid! (Nominated Vids are pre-selected based on the most popular vids that have been uploaded in 2019).  

34. MV Producer Vid of the Year – Hit the replay button! An award honoring the MV Producer with all eyes on their one-of-a-kind vid! (Nominated Vids are pre-selected based on the most popular vids that have been uploaded in 2019).  

35. Bonus category: MV Team Choice Award – Given to an MV Star who entered one of the 35 award categories but did not win. MV thinks you, your MV Profile, your vids, and your effort are worth some recognition!  

Enter the categories you think best suit your brand and content and GOOD LUCK!