American Influencer Awards 2019 winners

Find out who won the 2019 AIA Awards

2019 Creative Hair Colorist of the Year @guy_tang

2019 Hair Stylist of the Year@riawna

2019 Hair Influencer of the Year@chrisappleton1

2019 Hair Colorist of the Year@alfredo_lewis

2019 Professional Educator of the Year@larisadoll

2019 International Hair Influencer of the Year@natalieannehair

2019 Celebrity Hair Stylist of the Year@tokyostylez

2019 Barber of the Year@robtheoriginal

2019 Hair Extensions Influencer of the Year@hairby_chrissy

2019 Emerging Hair Stylist of the

2019 Textured Hair Stylist of the Year@iamalonzoarnold

2019 Emerging Hair Colorist of the Year@sydneyannlopezhair

2019 Hair Cutter of the Year@anthonycuts

2019 Celebrity Makeup Artist of the Year@lipsticknick

2019 Creative Makeup Artist of the Year@giuliannaa

2019 Makeup Tutorialist of the Year@jaclynhill

2019 Brand Collaboration of the Year@ann_ette69

2019 Makeup Influencer of the Year@jen_ny69

2019 Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year@cohlsworld

2019 Emerging Creative Makeup Artist of the Year@maryandpalettes

2019 International Makeup Influencer of the Year@nikkietutorials

2019 Emerging Makeup Tutorialist of the Year@makeupbyjesi

2019 Product Review Influencer of the Year@nymatang

2019 Trendsetter of the Year@daisymarquez_

2019 Skincare Influencer of the Year@marchbeautyword

2019 Lifestyle Influencer of the Year@winnieharlow

2019 Teen Beauty Influencer of the Year@maddieziegler

2019 Beauty Influencer Brand of the Year@jeffreestar

2019 Nail Artist of the Year@nailson7th

2019 Artist Achievement Award@makeupbymario

2019 Modelland Smize Award@nikitadragun

2019 Pink Carpet Fashionista@meganpormer


About Us

Our story begins with multiple talented individuals who all worked hard building successful brands for other people and companies. The group started at a networking event where 2 of our team members met and started sharing each others stories. One thing they had in common? They both created thriving brands but for other companies, not themselves.

Our friendship grew and as we continued to network with other professionals, the team began to grow. Each of us have our own specialty and expertise. Each have the desire to build something that is our own.

CamGirlMedia was started to unite these talents as a network, rather than a company that employs others. Our goal is to offer a la carte services to the independent online personality, rising vlog star, cam models, social media influencers, adult entertainers or anyone who seeks publicity without spending thousands of dollars a month for full representation.

Whether you are nominated for an award, starting a new project or simply want to share your story; CamGirlMedia can help you get the exposure you need!

Who needs a Media Kit?

What is a media kit?


Although it may not be NECESSARY, it surely is helpful.  

Who needs a media kit?

Everyone who has a business, company, talent, or social media! 

What is a media kit?

A media Kit is essentially your online resume that attracts potential employers, clients or helps get you exposure for your talent or brand.  As an adult model, actress, webcam performer or whatever your role in the adult industry, your media kit will tell your story.  You also provide links to radio shows you’ve been a guest on, magazines you have been featured in, articles, press releases and other printed media.

Social media is a great way to connect with people but can lead to a rabbit hole of confusion when trying to determine exactly who you are and how you fit into a potential client, producer or customer’s needs.  Links mean traveling further and further into that endless search for information that is quickly and easily accessible via your customized media kit. 

Imagine how impressed someone would be with a detailed, creative resume that speaks to who you really are?  Resumes are outdated and don’t show your personality!  When you send a resume, you are asking to be employed.  Sending a media kit is asking to be noticed for more than just to be hired.  It shows you’re innovative, creative and ambitious!

Whether you are looking for podcasts, magazines, tv shows or other media outlets to feature you or searching for companies to hire you, a media kit shows you care about your image and brand.  

We now offer customized media kits as well as other branding services and consultation.  If you have questions, feel free to message us! 

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