About Us

Our story begins with multiple talented individuals who all worked hard building successful brands for other people and companies. The group started at a networking event where 2 of our team members met and started sharing each others stories. One thing they had in common? They both created thriving brands but for other companies, not themselves.

Our friendship grew and as we continued to network with other professionals, the team began to grow. Each of us have our own specialty and expertise. Each have the desire to build something that is our own.

CamGirlMedia was started to unite these talents as a network, rather than a company that employs others. Our goal is to offer a la carte services to the independent online personality, rising vlog star, cam models, social media influencers, adult entertainers or anyone who seeks publicity without spending thousands of dollars a month for full representation.

Whether you are nominated for an award, starting a new project or simply want to share your story; CamGirlMedia can help you get the exposure you need!